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What is JBR?
Jason Bonsignore Racing (JBR) is a world-class motorsports promotion group founded by professional hockey player and speedway rider Jason Bonsignore.

Bonsignore developed a love for motorsports and speedway in particular through his father, two-time East Coast speedway champion "Mean" Gene Bonsignore. At an early age, Jason decided that he wanted to be involved in the promotional, developmental and competitive side of racing. He became the highest overall draft choice in the history of the Edmonton Oilers and after signing his first NHL contract, Jason established JBR and began work to reopen Champion Speedway in Owego, New York. Champion, the spiritual home of East Coast speedway, had once hosted thousands of spectators but had been closed for four years when JBR took over the facility in 1997. Since then, due to JBR's hard work and promotional efforts, Champion is once again drawing record numbers of speedway fans and top-ranked riders.

In addition to owning and operating Champion, JBR has also renovated and reinvigorated Action Park East in Greene, New York. Plans are also in place to construct a third facility in the Rochester, NY area.

Along with being a major force in North American speedway, JBR is also planning to include nighttime supercross, BMX racing, kart racing, quad racing, flat track racing and go kart slick tracks for amusement rides in the near future. JBR also owns and operates the Track Side Lounge as part of its Action Park East facility.

Team JBR is the world-class speedway racing arm of JBR, which provides sponsorship and management support. JBR is also the exclusive East Coast distributor of Jawa speedway motorcycles.

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