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Team JBR
Team JBR is a World Class racing Team that was founded in 1997 by Jason Bonsignore who acts as a part time rider and Team manager. Since 1997 the Team has featured top International Stars like Josh Larsen and Chris Manchester along with East Coast Stars Tom Sephton, Gene Bonsignore, and George Lazor. During the course of its 7 year history Team JBR has also been involved in helping such Legendary names as Bruce Penhall, Bobby Schwartz, John Cook, and Kelly Moran. Other North American riders who are/or have been have been associated with JBR in the past include Russ Cornell, Jay Stalma, Merle Craven, Dave Oakden, Len McBride, Matt Otto, Gary Hesmer, Chris Strong, Jessie Diem, and Nick Lazor.

Since its beginings JBR has had an increadible win record including 5 US Open Championships, 4 East Coast Point Championships, 4 Champion Speedway Track Championships, 2 Action Park Track Championships, 2 East Coast Junior Points Championships, 1 American Final Championship, 1 British League Team Championship, 1 Southern California Points Championship, 1 Arrowhead track Championship, and 1 New York State Championship.

Team JBR has assembled a very strong side again this year and hopes to gather more hardware for its Fans and Sponsors to whom we owe a great amount of gratitude!
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 1998 Team JBR
 2001 Team JBR
NGK Spark Plugs
Justice Brothers
Red Line Synthetic Oil
Southern Tier Insualations
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Gene - The Machine
Allan Harmon
Progressive Suspension
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Regina Chain
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